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  • Tucker's TUCKER'S Frozen Raw Bones Bison Toy 1" 3pk

TUCKER'S Frozen Raw Bones Bison Toy 1" 3pk

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Ingredients: Bison Marrow

Useful Information:

  • Raw frozen bones help to keep teeth clean, as well as aid in digestive health. Chews, bones, and treats can be a great way to keep your dog happy and help them manage destructive behaviors. Please keep in mind that when selecting treats for your dog, if you believe your dog can swallow it whole, it’s too small. A good rule of thumb is to look for options that are at least twice the size of your dog’s mouth. And always remember to supervise your dog, especially if it’s a new type of chew.
  • Remember to always treat responsibly!
  • Vacuum for optimal freshness.


Feeding Instructions:

Feed your dog on a towel or outside: when your pup is chewing on a de-thawing bone, bits of blood and meat may get on the carpet or wherever they are chewing. In order to stay away from having raw meat all over the place, the best thing to do is give your dog a bone on something washable or give it to them outside (where they can get as dirty as they want!). 

Try not to give your dog a bone every day: just like with humans, dogs don’t need a special snack every single day. Recreational bones are best when fed 1-2 times a week instead of every day! GI upset from consuming too many raw bones can occur, leading to diarrhea in some dogs if consumed daily.

Storage & Safe Handling:

Be sure to keep the bones frozen right up until you serve your dog.

Make sure to access what type of bone is ideal for their size. Giving dogs a properly sized bone that matches how big they are is super important so that the raw chewing experience will be a good one.

Tip: give your dog a bone that is the same size as or bigger than your dog’s head! If the bone is smaller than your dog’s head...it might be too small for them. 

Be careful and supervise be sure to supervise your dog while they chow down on their bone. In case they bite off a small piece, you can remove this piece so that they don’t choke. While there are a lot of scare tactics surrounding feeding dogs’ bones, this mostly isn’t applicable to raw bones if you choose the right size and supervise. Warning: do not feed your dog cooked bones! This is where splinters and damage to your dog’s system can occur.

For more information on dental chews, check out this video we made on dog and cat dental health. 

Frozen / Frozen Raw Bone / Grain Free / Limited Ingredient / Treat / USA Made