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Last Update 4/1/24 - Curbside pick up available at MLK only (for now) 7 days a week. Local Delivery available Mon - Fri for orders placed before 12pm.

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Delivery Info


Where do you deliver and do you have fees?

  • Zone 1: 33701, 33703, 33704. Deliveries in this zone have flat $4 delivery charge for all orders.
  • Zone 2: 33702, 33705, 33707, 33710, 33711, 33712, 33713, 33714. Deliveries in this zone have flat $6 delivery charge for all orders.


How will you safely deliver my home?

  • For raw/frozen food & stuff: We will call you after we receive your order to arrange your delivery to ensure your dog or cat's food stays purrfectly frozen. If we are unable to get in touch with you we will hold your raw delivery until we do... we live in Florida, it's hot, so we must be able to get in contact with you to arrange a safe delivery. 
  • For all other food & stuff: Please indicate in the comments on the order where we should leave your order if you know you will not be home. Once delivered we will send you an e-mail confirming that the goods were delivered to your home. If you are not home, our drivers will snap a photo of the delivered product for our records.


Can you deliver to my place of work, condo, or apartment complex?

Absolutely! So long as it's located within our listed range of zip codes listed above. Please leave detailed notes with delivery instructions when you check-out. For example, if you'd like for us to leave your package with the doorman write that in your comments. If we have questions we will give you a call!


Will you deliver to my home if I'm not there?

Because we live in Florida and it's hot as heck here we strongly encourage you to be home to receive your delivery. However, we want to keep a safe distance during our deliveries so yes we can but you must let us know in the comments at checkout where to safely put your items. Once delivered we will snap a photo of your delivery to confirm. That said, for raw food we will always call you to arrange a delivery time.