Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw Bones Turkey Necks 4ct

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Naturally high in chondroitin and glucosamine, these turkey necks are a nutritious and tasty chew for small dogs and a fun snack for larger breeds. Raw poultry bones are flexible and the bones are easily crushed without splintering.

In addition to all of the nutritional benefits, raw poultry bones are fun for your pet! Adding variety into your pet’s diet allows you both a break from the monotony of feeding the same meal every day and allows for varied sources for nutrition. It is very natural for dogs in the wild to seek out and chew on the bones of their prey and they enjoy the process. Turkey is higher is selenium, iron, and zinc, and is a slightly leaner meat than chicken.

It is possible for dogs to swallow these necks whole, so please supervise your pet when feeding raw foods containing whole bones. If your dog is known to try to swallow their chews, hold half of the neck and allow them to chew off small pieces first.

100% turkey necks

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 18% MIN
Crude Fat 6% MIN
Crude Fiber .2% MAX
Moisture 71% MAX
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