Coolaid Cooling Bandana

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The Coolaid Canine Cooling Bandana is perfect for our furry four-legged friends that are always on the go! It is important to always keep some type of cooling application and water when hiking, training, working or just playing in the backyard. This is why Coolaid created their easy to use stylish bandana.

The process is simple, just wet it, wring it and shake it! Any temperature will start the cooling process, so if you have that left over bottle of hot water in your vehicle, use it! Just re-wet if you need more cooling time!

This patented material is 100% machine washable, so no worries if your bestie loves the mud! Just wash with cold water and detergent only, tumble dry low or hang to dry!

The cooling material used has undergone years of lab and field testing. Other brands use topical chemicals that not only can be harmful to your pets, but after only a few washes, the cooling properties of the product are no longer effective. The Coolcore cooling technology is built into the fabric’s fibers, preventing any decline in the performance and keeping it’s cooling properties for the life of the garment.

The chemical-free cooling fabrics utilize a unique combination of fibers and cross-sections that deliver three distinct functions – wicking, moisture transportation and regulated evaporation – going far beyond traditional moisture management textiles.

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