K9 Granola Factory Donut Holes PB & Sprinkles Dog Treats 15ct

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Who's dog doesn't love peanut putter? Creamy peanut butter and rolled oats give these holes an amazing taste and texture for your pup. Even though K9 Granola uses human grade ingredients, remember this is a special snack for your dog!

These donut HOLES are baked fresh daily and make a great addition to the line. K9 Granola Factory takes their scrumptious Gourmet Donut Formula to create their signature, mouth watering holes. These treats are absolutely adorable. A line packed full of flavor & fun. Available in 3 different flavors. One parfait cup holds 10 individual holes, making this the perfect snack!

Rolled oats, honey, brown sugar, peanut butter, cultured whey, and nonfat milk.

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