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  • Herbsmith Herbsmith Calm Shen Tablets 90ct

Herbsmith Calm Shen Tablets 90ct

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What's it good for?

  • Perpetual unending anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive behavior caused by anxiety
  • Coping with external stressors
  • Calming without drowsiness
  • Excessive barking caused by anxiety

Calm Shen is calming blend of herbs for dogs and cats exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment, or responding to environmentally induced stress. Calm Shen helps dogs and cats maintain a normal and relaxed disposition while also helping them cope with external stresses.

Calm Shen is a great formula for behavioral problem management and may help to curb destructive behavior by helping dogs and cats maintain calmness. Calm Shen may also reduce hyperactivity by promoting a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. The herbs in Calm Shen help to maintain contentment during separation, travel, times of loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms, tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine, or other situations that may cause anxiousness.

Do storms bother your pet? Check out this blog on the benefits of calming aids for storm anxiety. 

What's in it?

  • Harmonizing herbs: conducts the actions of the other herbs upward to the heart spirit.
  • Heat-draining herbs: in a healthy dog, the heart, a fire element (yang), and the kidney, a water element (yin), are balanced. Excessive emotional or physical stress and aging can diminish normal kidney function, which leads to the inability to control heat (heart fire) and subsequently allows nervousness to occur. Rehmannia, asparagus tuber, ophiopogon, and scrophularia all help to clear heat and restore balance.
  • Spirit-calming herbs: anxious behavior may also occur due to an imbalance of the heart itself and may take root as excess heat or agitation. Biota seed and polygala help to calm the spirit while preserving the dog or cat's unique personality.


Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend of (raw rehmannia root, asparagus tuber, ophiopogon tuber, angelica tang kuei, schisandra fruit, biota seed, sour jujube seed, ginseng, scrophularia, salvia dan shen, poria, polygala, platycodon)

TABLETS ONLY: Inactive Ingredients: hydroxypropyl cellulose, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, magnesium stearate


Cautions: If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Not for use within 48 hours of surgery or anesthesia. Not for use in pregnant animals or during diarrhea.

Use caution in animals with; inflammatory kidney disorders; hypertension; chronic respiratory disease. Use caution with cardiac glycosides and MAO inhibitors, ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs, and aspirin.

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