Barkworthies Hock Bone

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Big dogs need big treats, so satisfy your pal’s cravings with this scrumptious bone! Made in the USA with hock bone as the only ingredient, this 100% natural dog chew is baked with pieces of tendon and meat that will have your dog drooling with approval. As one of Barkworthies’ largest bones, this durable, long-lasting chew is especially perfect for large and extra-large dogs. Not only is this treat delicious but it’s nutritious too! The savory bone serves as an excellent source of digestible calcium to encourage strong bones and teeth, while iron and zinc help to support your pal’s immune system. Best of all, this irresistible bone will keep your canine companion busy for hours and free from boredom. Your large pup is worthy of a healthy treat that’s tasty too, so reward him with Barkworthies!

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